Judo Black Belt Association
     The Judo Black Belt Association is a national organization founded to advance and promote a total approach to Kodokan Judo through the concept of Freestyle Judo. The JBBA is truly a Yudanshakai, that is an organization of black belts and other interested Judoka wishing to preserve and promote the totality of Kodokan Judo. We welcome all coaches, students and athletes from Judo, BJJ, Sambo, Jujitsu or any grappling sport to join our organization.  

     The Judo Black Belt Association (JBBA) is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Kodokan Judo as founded by Prof. Jigoro Kano in 1882. Prof. Kano formed his "three-culture principle" of Rentai-ho (the development of a sound and healthy body, in other words Judo as a method of physical education), Shushin-ho (the development of a sound moral character and mental acuity) and Shobu-ho (the development of functional and effective skill in contests or self-defense).

     Judo is more than simply a sport. While the sport aspect of Judo makes the activity all the more interesting and enjoyable, Judo is, at its heart, one of the best forms of physical education ever devised. As part of the educational process, a Judoka should become a better person and be a benefit to society. 

     The JBBA is affiliated with the Shingitai Jujitsu Association (SJA) and members of the JBBA are also members of the SJA (and vice versa). The SJA promotes a total, practical and functional approach to Jujitsu with the overarching philosophy of Shingitai. Shin (the mental and emotional approach to the study of martial arts; being willing to face adversity and lead a balanced and moral life). Gi (the functional study, practice and application of technical skills so that they are efficient and effective). Tai (the physical development of the student). These principles of Shingitai go hand in hand with the priniciples of Kodokan Judo. While not every member of the JBBA does Shingitai Jujitsu, or every member of the SJA does Judo, the two groups form a mutually beneficial program for all its members.
     The JBBA supports both the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Judo program and the International Freestyle Judo Alliance (IFJA) for the promotion and development of Judo as a sport. The JBBA is endorsed by the AAU as an organization that issues Judo rank and is a supporter of the AAU and its principles and goals as a sports organization.

     The JBBA endorses the rules of AAU Freestyle Judo as a method of providing fair, safe and enjoyable competition for the sport of Judo. Additionally, the JBBA uses the rank syllabus and standards developed by the IJFA. 

     The JBBA exists to provide opportunities for development for all of its members. The JBBA is not a "rogue" or "splinter" group formed to compete with any existing Judo or Martial Arts organizations. The JBBA provides fair, honest and technically sound standards for the issuing of belt rank in Judo and serves as another opportunity for Judoka to develop their total approach to the study, practice and application of Judo.
     The JBBA is based on the Yudanshakai system established initially by Prof. Kano for the advancement of Judo knowledge and for the issuing of Judo belt rank. The term "Yudanshakai"  translates to mean "Black Belt Association" and the JBBA is exactly that; an association of black belts on the national level with affiliated regional and local Yudanshakai.

     The JBBA views earning belt rank in Judo similar to earning an educational credential. A useful analogy is to think of earning a Shodan (Initial or 1st Grade Black Belt) in the same way of earning a college degree. Prof. Kano was an educator and the JBBA retains an educational perspective in the issuing of belt rank. 

     Earning a black belt is a serious undertaking that requires hard study, effort, time and patience. The JBBA takes a strict and conservative approach to the issuing of black belt rank and uses some of the most stringent standards available. While we assign no blame to any specific group or individual, there have been abuses in the past in the issuing of Judo belt rank. It is the JBBA's position that rank should be earned on the mat through earnest and honest study and practice. The JBBA is independent of other Judo organizations and as a result of this, the belt ranks issued by us are not recognized by any other Judo organization or governing body. But honestly, in the competitive world of Martial Arts, the quality of the person's skills wearing the belt is far more important than who issued the belt that person is wearing.  Someone once remarked that a belt simply holds the Judogi together, and it's the person wearing that belt that is the true measure of what he or she is capable of doing. It's the person who does the Judo, not the belt.

     If you are happy with your current Judo organization, by all means, stay with that group; the JBBA is not for everyone. The JBBA does not wish to take members from other organizations or groups or supplant, replace or copy any other organization. In fact, the JBBA encourages everyone in Judo to participate in as many organizations and their clinics, tournaments and other events as possible. Many JBBA members are also members of other Judo organizations as well as other Martial Arts organizations. The JBBA offers an "old school" approach to the issuing of Judo rank. Our emphasis is on the total development of a person who does Judo using a conservative approach to the awarding of Judo belt rank. If you currently possess a high Dan grade, you most likely are happy with your current organization and there is absolutely no need for you to affiliate with the JBBA. However, if you are not satisfied with your current situation and want an honest assessment of what your belt rank should be, contact us. We don't guarantee a promotion (in fact, if you place more emphasis on your belt rank than you do the quality of your Judo, then the JBBA is definitely not for you), but we do provide an opportunity for deserving Judoka to advance in both knowledge and rank, especially for those black belts who are ranked below Yondan.

     The JBBA issues ranks of Shodan and higher to deserving members. Belt ranks of Ikkyu and below are subject to the Coach, Sensei or Instructor or to the local/regional member Yudanshakai. We are a national Yudanshakai with local and regional affiliated Yudanshakai who have local and regional affiliated clubs under them.  For information on joining the JBBA, contact Steve Scott at stevescottjudo@yahoo.com.
     We welcome everyone from Judo, BJJ, Sambo, Jujitsu, submission grappling and any other martial art or combat sport who want an open-minded, serious and "old school" approach to doing Judo. We are endorsed by the Amateur Athletic Union Judo Committee.
     Freestyle Judo is not based on the organizational models of other Judo groups. If you have any questions, please call Steve Scott at 816-210-4484 weekday afternoons.
To get a membership application for the JUDO rank/membership in JBBA and endorsed by the AAU Judo Committee, download this pdf file.
     Founded in 2004 as an ancillary Judo organization for the Shingitai Jujitsu Association, the Judo Black Belt Association has its national headquarters in Perrysville, Ohio (with the Shingitai Jujitsu Association headquarters). John Saylor serves as the overall SJA Director with Steve Scott of Kansas City, Missouri as the JBBA Director. The JBBA has grown since that time and now is endorsed by the AAU Judo Committee to issue rank in Judo. The JBBA serves to promote and preserve Kodokan Judo using the JBBA rank syllabus and standards and issues Dan grade promotions to qualified JBBA members.
You can subscribe for free to our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/welcomematstevescott . The JBBA uses this channel as part of its technical education program with over 1,000 videos. 
If you have questions and want to talk directly to a person rather than e-mail, call Steve Scott at 816-210-4484. The best time to call is on weekday afternoons (Central Time).

To view the JBBA syllabus and standards, click on the pdf logo.
A condition of membership in the JBBA is to first join the Amateur Athletic Union. The AAU provides the ideal infrastructure for any sports organization, including Judo and has an active national development program for Judo. AAU membership is inexpensive and provides the best benefits available anywhere for athletes, students and coaches. Click on the AAU logo to join the AAU.
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The JBBA is on Facebook. It is a closed group but easy to join and is our way of keeping in touch with our members and supporters. so you have to request to join.
 November 1-2 in Los Angeles, California
This is our yearly Judo Convention with people from all across the United States attending.
For information, contact stevescottjudo@yahoo.com
When you join the AAU and JBBA, you can also join our Coach Education Program. We in the JBBA are serious about coach education because we are a grass roots organization dedicated to teaching Kodokan Judo. For more about our coach education program, contact stevescottjudo@yahoo.com.